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The Company —

Founded in 2000, Discovery Genomics, Inc. (DGI) began operations in January 2002. We discover gene functions and deliver safe, long-lasting gene therapy.

Our primary focus is to deliver gene therapies for blood diseases.

Proprietary Technologies —
DGI holds exclusive rights to two breakthrough technologies:

Gene Delivery Technology
DGI’s patented SB-Therapeutics Gene Delivery System achieves long-term, safe therapeutic gene delivery without using viruses. It has significant safety and efficacy advantages over other available gene carriers.

Gene Discovery Technology
DGI’s proprietary gene discovery technology permits DGI to discover and own genes vital to its gene therapy business. In addition, it can enable significant reductions in drug discovery costs with its unmatched speed and efficiency in characterizing gene function and identifying and validating targets.

Transforming Therapeutic Discovery and Delivery

Technology Applications —
We have identified several physiological processes and/or therapeutic areas in which our technologies can be efficiently applied:

APPLICATIONS: Physiological Processes / Disease Areas
Gene Delivery
Fanconi Anemia, Hemophilia, brain tumors, AIDS, cancer and ischemia.
Gene Discovery
Angiogenesis, cancer biology, cartilage and bone formation, heart function, metabolism and pancreas function, neurobiology and wound healing.

Licensing —
DGI will license our gene delivery and gene discovery technologies in areas outside our own therapeutic focus.


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