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Discovery Genomics holds exclusive rights to two breakthrough technologies that have the potential to transform the therapeutic delivery and discovery process. These technologies are based on the work of its founders — four University of Minnesota scientists whose inventions have been licensed exclusively to DGI by the University of Minnesota.

Bullet For Gene Delivery — The Sleeping Beauty Transposon™ System
The SBT System is a non-viral carrier of genetic information than can insert a gene into vertebrate (human) chromosomes in order to confer a new function or replace a defective gene.

It promises to achieve the combination of safety, efficiency and long-lasting therapeutic effect other gene carriers have thus far failed to deliver. 

Bullet For Gene Discovery — Morphant® Technology
This technology is unequaled in interrupting the activities of genes in vertebrate animals, permitting identification of medically relevant genes whose protein products can be targets of future pharmaceutical drugs.

It involves the use of specific antisense oligonucleotides to prevent expression of proteins by targeted genes in zebrafish embryos.


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