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DGI's SB Therapeutics —

DGI's proprietary SB Therapeutics delivery system can deliver therapeutic genes safely.

Overview —

DGI believes that its proprietary gene delivery system is the most promising method of gene transfer for gene therapy in humans. Our transposon system is non-viral, consisting only of synthetic DNA. It promises to achieve the combination of safety, efficiency and sustained therapeutic effect other gene carriers have thus far failed to deliver. 

Technology Significance —

With its potential to treat a broad spectrum of diseases with limited treatment options, gene therapy continues to generate significant interest. Over 600 clinical trials are currently underway worldwide. Efficient and safe gene delivery, however, is central to the success of gene therapy. Complications surrounding recent gene therapy trials have led to heightened concerns regarding safety. DGI believes that its DNA-based gene delivery system possesses critical safety and efficacy advantages over viral vectors – currently the most widely used gene carriers.

Safety —

Viral vectors are associated with serious and sometimes life threatening health risks including potentially severe immune responses to the gene carrier virus and the unintended activation of non-target genes predisposing the target cell to cancer or other abnormalities. Our gene insertion system is non-viral and does not incur the immunological reactions frequently associated with viral vectors. Further, we have developed a proprietary transposon designed to avoid the unintentional activation of non-target genes, a concern in recent gene therapy trials.

Life-Long Therapy —

DGI’s transposon system introduces therapeutic genes directly into cellular chromosomes where they can be expressed for the lifetime of the cell — a significant advance over transient results observed thus far using viral vectors. This ability provides the system with the potential to achieve lifetime therapy through only one, or very few introduction(s) of genes.

Transposon System Diagram
DGI’s transposon system introduces therapeutic genes directly into cellular chromosomes where they can be expressed for the lifetime of the cell.

Validated Technology —

Preliminary studies have demonstrated the technology’s ability to mediate long-term gene expression through the delivery of exogenous genes into the chromosomes of mammals. Under a government SBIR grant, DGI is evaluating the potential application of its gene delivery system in gene therapy to treat Hemophilia A. Under another government SBIR grant, we are conducting pre-clinical R & D using the Fanconi Anemia Fanc-C and Fanc-A genes. We are planning a clinical trial to investigate the use of our system in the treatment of Fanconi Anemia. Additional gene therapy targets for the technology include Hemophilia B, various cancers, ischemia and AIDS. (See related articles.)

Strategic Collaboration —

DGI’s technological advantage is bolstered through its strategic collaboration with R&D Systems, a subsidiary of TECHNE Corporation (NASDAQ:TECH). This relationship provides DGI with genes, proteins and antibodies for research. 

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