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Discovery Genomics, Inc. (DGI) is an early stage biotechnology company focused on providing gene therapy for the treatment of inherited and acquired blood diseases.

DGI has raised $4 million through private and institutional investors. TECHNE Corporation (http://www.techne-corp.com) led our first round of financing in 2001.

DGI has valuable intellectual property, with one patent issued and seven pending, exclusively licensed from the University of Minnesota. We have filed on six patents based on our own discoveries since becoming operational.

DGI has consistently generated revenues since beginning operations. Our patented Sleeping Beauty TransposonTM has been internationally validated in research laboratories as a long-lasting gene therapy delivery system. Our SB Therapeutics Gene Delivery System safely inserts therapeutic genes into the chromosomes of cells and our Morphant® Technology is currently the fastest, most efficient and reliable method for determining gene function. We believe that we are the only company capable of achieving long-term, safe, therapeutic gene delivery without using viruses.

If you are interested in funding opportunities or in learning more about DGI’s technology, please contact:

R. Scott McIvor, Ph.D.
President & CEO
Discovery Genomics, Inc.
614 McKinley Place NE
Minneapolis, MN 55413
ph/ 612-656-4484
fax/ 612-379-6580

Stephen Einhorn
Financial Advisor
Einhorn Associates
ph/ 414-453-4488



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